1. Clear vision. Burning desire. Focus. Persistence. Courage.
  2. Risk-taking is absolutely essential to getting any business off the ground.
  3. A sense of urgency
  4. Strong intuition to chase the right vision
  5. A solid understanding of the market you operate in
  6. It is also vital that an entrepreneur is not afraid of failure
  7. Strategy, vision, recruitment, finance, ideas, Change, iteration. Master them all
  8. Ability to get back up again and try once more.
  9. Sheer determination
  10. A highly talented, complimentary co-founder who shares the same determination
  11. Have an opinion and be ready to learn
  12. You have to be driven, adaptable and be able to keep your ego in check
  13. You need to understand how much you can give and how close to the edge you will go.
  14. If you can’t make the leap from birthing a product to birthing a business, it’s time to jump ship and move on to your next great idea
  15. The ability to quickly assess opportunity and risk
  16. You will work really long hard toilsome hours and will most likely fail before you succeed
  17. Ability to connect to other people
  18. A great team. You need to surround yourself with people that see your vision, buy into your “why” and have a get up and go attitude
  19. You need talent, luck, have it running in your veins
  20. Unless you have tasted Defeat, you would not enjoy being a Winner.

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