Sprouter enables collaboration and networking between entrepreneurs globally. According to the Sprouter team led by Sarah Prevette(founder) Sprouter is shutting down for “capital constraints”reasons. In a blog post on Sprouter’s blog the team said “On August 2nd, Sprouter will be closing its doors and shutting down. We’re devastated to have to shut down the service but unfortunately, due to capital constraints, we’ve simply run out of options.”

They further stated that “We’re currently exploring options for all of our content, including our weekly publication. Sprouter Weekly has been incredibly successful in its own right and if it’s at all possible for us to continue with it, we will.” Its very unfortunate Sprouter has to shutdown so soon.

Sprouter is where founders get help with their startups. Sprouter allows entrepreneurs to get curated answers to small business questions from people who know what they’re talking about. The site’s carefully chosen panel of experts provide advice on a variety of topics including law, marketing and funding.