Evernote has unveiled the six finalists for its Developer Competition.

Nearly 1000 developers entered the first ever Evernote Developer Competition. The finalists were selected based on these factors: finish and polish of the application, utility, originality and integration with the platform. Each will be awarded $5,000 for placing in the contest. The chosen finalists are:

The winner will revealed at the event — the Evernote Truck Conference — and will take home an additional $50,000 in cash. Evernote will also award two additional submissions with $10,000 each in the wildcard and student categories.

Colorstrache offers a new way for Evernote users to browse and search their notes: by color. Click on the color wheel and image notes containing that color appear.

MyWorld allows you to save the places you love in Evernote, then view them on a map in Facebook. You can then share your favorites with friends and view all the fun places they’ve been.

Notablemeals is the stress-free way to remember your meals. Use the simple interface to find your restaurant, take notes about your meal, snap photos, record audio, and even give a star rating.

Sniptastic! is a set of tools that let you share and organize code snippets. Store snippets in Evernote and view them in Sniptastic, where they’re formatted for the language of your choice—the perfect way to always have all of your snippets at your fingertips.

Touchanote brings the note storage and organization capabilities of Evernote together with the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC) one-touch technology.

Zendone is a personal productivity tool based on the Getting Things Done methodogy. It offers a powerful, well-designed interface for implementing the GTD workflow, using Evernote for collecting and archiving all of your projects and tasks.