There are hundreds if not thousands of startups that are launched globally everyday. Some of them do not get to mainstream. They do all they can, but the market is too competitive for them to survive. A “hot” startup is a combination of creativity, innovation, hard work, great product and a strategy that produces rapid growth. Hot startups are viral. Their products sell themselves. Hot startups are run and operated by creative founders with a vision to conquer the industry.

This is what it means to be a hot startup:

  1. If a company is hot, people are immediately intrigued and attracted
  2. The most talented employees in the Valley are motivated to complete “tests” on the site to apply for jobs.
  3. Recruiters calls or emails are immediately replied to.
  4. The best and brightest are constantly asking for introductions to current employees.
  5. VCs will do all they can to invest in the company
  6. VCs are jumping all over their connections to introduce you to their CEO.
  7. The product records thousands of users few weeks after launch
  8. Famous early adopters sings out your sing
  9. When you are hot, capital is chasing you, you hardly pitch to investors
  10. Bloggers are eager to interview the founders
  11. You don’t have to pitch your story several times to Techcrunch or mashable
  12. They could be acquired before they mature
  13. Robert Scoble features you on his blog