Zetu, an online platform which focuses on the group buying concept is gaining acceptance in Kenya in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. The app was launched in November 2010. Zetu is a group buying site in Kenya that enables you, the consumer, to gain access to incredible deals at an affordable rate.

Their aim is to promote the best quality services to your consumers, by helping them to discover new and exclusive experiences in their town or city, whilst offering support to businesses through social media campaigns. Through Zetu, consumers can now subscribe to get great deals (discounts) daily from local service providers/retailers such as restaurants, SPAs, clothing and fashion shops, accessories and jewellery stores, home furnishing, book shops and electronic outlets in their town.

How it works
Through the Zetu website, one deal is communicated daily to Zetu members. However for the deal to be actualized a minimum number of people will have to sign up. Zetu member have to share the offers to friends and family on Facebook, twitter and email so that they can be able to get on in the deal.

The more people sign up the more great deals you get. Payment is made after the minimum number of people has signed up for the deal and the deal has been activated.