Altly founder Dmitry Shapiro has written a manifesto about the need to have more control over which information you share with which friends.The manifesto sounds like Google’s new social network. The original idea had been to work on an alternative to Facebook. But with launch of Google+, i think they have a tough competition on their hands.
They  believe :

  • Privacy is ULTIMATELY important.
  • We should know EXACTLY who can see what information about us.
  • Control of our information should be in OUR hands, and it should be EXTREMELY easy for us to control it.
  • WE should choose what information is stored, how long it is kept, and who it is available to.
  • Our digital life, our personal information is EXTREMELY valuable, and each of us should not only control who has access to it, but BENEFIT from it.
  • Advertisers should be part of our community, but should NOT have an unfair advantage over us.
  • All of our data should be OURS, and no one else’s.  If we choose to leave our social network, we should be able to easily take ALL of our data with us, and COMPLETELY delete all data if we choose.
  • If other social networks should be developed, they should be able to interoperate with one another.