Planning and prioritizing  is a huge human problem. One of the hardest parts of doing a start-up is deciding what to do first. Even though you may have a plan, the decision to implement can change as you move forward or when users begin to interact with your product. If your new users are requesting new features, do you stop what you are working on and fix that or ignore what your customers are saying. If you are not getting customers, do you focus more on marketing. These are just a few of the challenges startup leaders battle with everyday.

  1.  Try to capture and focus on items or tasks that are constantly evolving on employees lists.
  2. Figure out what’s the highest return on investment and focus your resources on achieving it
  3. Do whatever would make users love you but do not over promise and under deliver
  4. Focus on the one thing that MOST differentiates you from everyone else
  5. Set up some time bound goals (get more visitors, increase ROI, etc.) and focus on getting results
  6. Just writing tasks down will probably help a lot.
  7. focus on your product and ONLY on your product.
  8. Figure out what is the core value you want to provide to users and just focus on that the hardest.
  9. Within your product, do the most important thing your users need or you think your users need.
  10. Stay focused on what people want.
  11. Make the conscious effort to focus on activities where you can measure results and success
  12. Focus on your core competency. Whatever makes your site good and unique.
  13. From the book Eat That Frog! – 21 Great Ways To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done in Less Time: Doing something is better than doing nothing. Make a list of five tasks. Order the tasks by strict priority. Work your way through the list, skipping as you get stuck. If your list has more than five items then you’re spending too long making lists.

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