The following are some of the best startup founder blogs I follow. I thought a compilation of them in a post will be helpful for you. They are blogs of people running startups, people who are talking about startups and sharing their experiences. On these blogs, the founders do a lot of the blogging themselves.

  1. Dharmesh Shah’s blog:
  2. Joel Spolsky-Blog:
  3. Neil Patel(CrazyEgg)-Blog:
  4. Jason Freedman(FlightCaster)-Blog:
  5. Ben Horowitz (VC, co-founder of LoudCloud)-
  6. Dave McClure (Angel/VC and former entrepreneur)
  7. Chris Dixon(co-founder of Hunch)-Blog:
  8. Ben Yoskovitz(Year One Labs)-Blog:
  9. Eric Reis (Serial Entrepreneur and creator of the ‘Lean Startup’)-
  10. Biz Stone(Co-founder of Twitter)-
  11. Paul Graham-(Founder of Y-Combinator)-
  12. Mark Suster( Entrepreneur turned VC)-
  13. Jason Cohen(Entrepreneur (Smart Bear Software)-
  14. Gabriel Weinberg( founder of Duck Duck Go)-
  15. Jason Baptiste (CEO/Co-Founder of Onswipe)-

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