The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook wants to put advertising in your News Feed. News Feed is the stream of information that you see when you log into Facebook. It’s populated by status, images, posts and all the activities from your best friends.

But the feed’s ability to hide certain (annoying) information has limited the reach that advertisers seek, explain Raice and Steele of WSJ.

“While advertisers have created online campaigns with the intention that consumers would share their messages in the News Feed, Facebook’s algorithms don’t display every piece of content that is shared, limiting the impact of the campaigns, said Ian Schafer, chief executive of New York-based digital marketing firm Deep Focus. “It’s wasted potential,” he said.”

And Facebook’s already working on giving those money-making metrics to advertisers. They have teamed up with Nielson and created the Online Campaign Rating System, which provides companies with demographic information for their campaigns on any site (not just on Facebook!), reports Fast Company’s E.B. Boyd.

Facebook is also looking to expand the “Like” button to include other gestures that marketers and third-party developers can create, these sources said.