Yahoo! has announced the launch of the first beta version of its Yahoo! WebPlayer. Yahoo! WebPlayer is a Web based media player written in HTML and JavaScript. It supports a variety of video and audio media formats and services, for example Yahoo! Video, YouTube, MP3 or WMA.

-Add trailers, clips and videos related to movies mentioned on your pages.
-Plays mp3, YouTube, and a variety of other video and audio formats
-Turns any page into a playlist
-Easy to add to your site or blog with one line of code

How it works
-any publisher, blogger or developer can easily add the Yahoo! WebPlayer to their site with one line of code. After the player is added to a site, when a page loads, the player scans the page contents and adds play buttons next to ‘playable’ items.

Playable items could be references to supported media or specific recognized terms, such as movie titles. Once clicked, a play button will open a slick in-page player that will stream all the detected playable items as a unified playlist.