Giftee is a service that lets users send small tokens of appreciation via Twitter in Japan. Giftee is a project of investor Yuma Umeda, which got the best project award at seed accelerator Open Network Lab 2010, and is funded by venture capitalist firm Inspire Corporation.

How it works
Gift-givers begin by registering on the Giftee site and indicating the Twitter ID of the recipient they have in mind. They then choose a gift from among Giftee’s myriad of options — currently limited to the offerings from select shops in Japan — and then type a message and pay by credit card. A gift tweet is then sent via Twitter to the recipient, who logs into Twitter to redeem it. Donations can also be made via Giftee to Red Cross Japan and other causes.

Gifts can be purchased using the online catalog using a credit card and once a transaction has been made, the recipient will be notified via a tweet. In cases of unclaimed gifts, Giftee will donate the payment to its charity projects.