1. When you have an idea for a product it’s important to validate the market first and analyze potential clients to find common interests among them.
  2. Try get yourself a great co-founder.
  3. Give yourself the chance to refine your path or change it.
  4. Challenge yourself and develop the kind of disposition where you’re open to having your ideas challenged with honest feedback.
  5. It’s also important to read about and follow the thought leaders in the industry.
  6. Solve a problem and making certain that your product is the most appealing solution.
  7. Strategy is driven by tremendous amount of research and knowing a particular market.
  8. Be certain that your product solves a problem.
  9. Find a way to make money and preserve it
  10. Make sure that you and your company have a vision and mission different from just earning a lot of money.
  11. Get people and investors involved who are critical of what you are doing.
  12. Honest feedback is seriously priceless (if you can handle it!).
  13. Get into an incubator building where you can share experiences with other startups, even if they don’t seem relevant to your business.
  14. Teamwork and interdependency is key.
  15. You have to deliver results, but in a meaningful way that is fun to do.
  16. You have to transform your energy as a founder to your people: motivate and inspire them.
  17. The drive and energy is key. If it’s not there you need to fix that immediately and find somebody who can do that.
  18. Approach your clients, employees and other stakeholders with great enthusiasm.
  19. Keep as close as you can to the customer even during development. Don’t go off for a year to develop something and then show it to the world.