I have been following great and smart startups that are grown at an amazing rate this year. And I have featured most of them on this blog. All the startups that have seen massive growth this year share the same traits or characteristics.The following habits are very common among insanely great startups.

  1. The leadership team of every good startup has a great ambition for the company
  2. Great startups stay focused on what they know and can do well.
  3. Smart companies engage all stakeholders in building the business, from idea creation through delivery.
  4. Great startups are Customer focused. They do everything to keep the customer happy just so they can keep the customer for long.
  5. Smart startups focus on good communication, even in bad times
  6. Employees in insanely great startups have high energy levels
  7. Insanely great companies disrupt the industry and make lasting impression among their competitors
  8. Good and great startups allow room for creativity among team members and employees.
  9. Smart startups are constantly listening to customer feedback to make it easy to serve them well
  10. Insanely great startups hire the most smartest people in their industry
  11. They focus on what will make them money and what they could be best in the world at
  12. Leaders of great startups own percentages in the business they run. They therefore take decisions that benefits the company in the long term
  13. Smart startups reevaluate their vision occasionally so they stay current with the changing times
  14. Employees in great startups are inspired by their leaders’ passion and commitment
  15. Insanely great startups know that long term success comes from continuous improvement, both of the product and of employees
  16. Great companies get the best work from everyone by matching their unique talents with business needs


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