Every internet entrepreneur should have a good solid library to draw ideas and inspiration from and use as reference material. These are my recommendations. Share this with an internet entrepreneur you know.  I have read a few of them  and I must say, they were very inspirational.

  1. The Mythical Man Month: Essays on Software Engineering – Anniversary Edition
  2. Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary, Linus Torvalds (Author), David Diamond (Author)
  3. Rebel Code: Linux And The Open Source Revolution, Glyn Moody (Author)
  4. Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman , Joshua Gay (Author), Richard M. Stallman (Author)
  5. Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity, Lawrence Lessig (Author)
  6. The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World,Lawrence Lessig (Author)
  7. Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace, Version 2.0, Lawrence Lessig (Author)
  8. The Future of the Internet–And How to Stop It, Jonathan Zittrain (Author)
  9. The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom , Evgeny Morozov (Author)
  10. Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, Clay Shirky (Author)
  11. Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World, Jack Goldsmith (Author), Tim Wu (Author)
  12. The Googlization of Everything: (And Why We Should Worry), Siva Vaidhyanathan (Author)
  13. The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires, Tim Wu (Author)
  14. Code Complete 2: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction,  Steve McConnell (Author)
  15. Future Minds: How the Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, Why this Matters and What We Can Do About It, Richard Watson (Author)
  16. The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World, David Kirkpatrick (Author)
  17. The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, Nicholas Carr (Author)
  18. Googled: The End of the World As We Know It, Ken Auletta (Author)
  19. Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days, Jessica Livingston (Author)
  20. Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming, Peter Seibel (Author)