Newly launched Photo Stats, released by the Swedish mobile development company Dear Future Astronaut allows you to create infographics about your photos.

Photo Stats app analyses all photos from your camera roll and creates infographics based on the extracted metadata, visualizing how, when and where you take photos with iPhone.

Generate infographics and let your photos tell you…

– What were the most interesting places where you took your photos,
– Whether you are a night-life photographer or you prefer afternoon/morning to take your photos,
– What were your most productive photo-taking days and months,
– And a lot other technical things about your photos (ISO, shutter speed, flash) which will help you make better photos.

You can share any of those individual infographics via Facebook and Twitter, email it to your friends or save to iPhone. Or you can combine all these information and generate a cool full-size infographic like those you see in magazines and websites.

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