Airbnb was hard hit by the press last two weeks when a guest reported a theft incidence at her apartment. Airbnb has learned a great lesson. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky wrote an unconditional apology that reaffirmed that the company understood the concerns and was going to do everything it could to make things right. Airbnb has added communication features that are intended to make hosts and guest secured and safe.

The team at Airbnb worked around the clock to finish three features that help guests and hosts establish a more meaningful connection before booking. This is in response to concerns raised by customers in the past two weeks. Airbnb has announced a new 24-hour support hotline, giving users a safety net in case something goes wrong.

Airbnb has also added Voice Connect, a feature that allows hosts to call and screen potential guests directly over the phone using Airbnb Voice Connect. Through Airbnb, hosts will be able to establish an instant connection to a guest over the phone. Numbers will remain private until a reservation is confirmed.

Hosts now have access to Video Profiles: With Video Profiles hosts can express themselves to the Airbnb community and make a great first introductions. Video Profiles are currently available for hosts only.

Finally, formerly known as recommendations, references are a complete makeover and enhancement to this feature. Everyone is now required to add profile photos before they can leave references. Finding your acquaintances and asking them to write you a reference only takes a single click once you are connected to Facebook.