Today, is Demo Day for DreamIt Ventures, and 15 startups will be pitching to investors, mentors, the press and New York’s startup community in midtown’s McGraw Hill Conference Center. DreamIt Ventures is a technology accelerator program that provides shared office space, capital Up to $25,000 of seed funding per company. ($5,000 plus $5,000 for each founding team member (up to four) who will be onsite for the program), a variety of services to help developers with legal and accounting issues, PR assistance, a speaker series with tips from investors, an advisory board consisting of early stage entrepreneurs and mentoring.

The 15 startups graduating today include:

1DocWay brings the doctor’s office online. Patients can interact with their doctor over a secure video chat platform offering increased access to clinical care, especially for the rural, elderly, disabled and busy.

AfterSteps is an online end-of-life planning service that simplifies death preparation, just like TurboTax does for tax preparation.

AppAddictive utilizes “Apps” and “Ads” (Appvertizements) in a marketing platform for businesses to acquire customers through social media.

AppBrick provides  mobile solutions for content producers. BookBrick™ and StoryBrick™ empower authors and publishers to easily create, launch and manage powerful apps via an intuitive, web-based interface – no programming required.

Clothes Horse is a platform that enables consumers to shop for clothing across retailers with a single user profile. It’s like a Facebook Connect for fashion, they say.

Cognection commercialized three decades of research in consumer psychology and behavioral economics to generate a new type of product recommendation engine that makes the online retail experience more meaningful for consumers and more profitable for retailers.

Hoot.Me is a Facebook application that allows students to switch Facebook into study mode.

KeepIdeas helps consumers organize and collaborate on decisions in the cloud.

LearnBop’s authoring tool enables tutors to create interactive math and science problems online that respond to and learn from a student’s incorrect responses with real-time clues, as a tutor would in a one-on-one scenario.

Let’s Gift It is a platform for social gifting. It gives online retailers a plug-in tool which allows multiple contributions towards high ticket items on their registry, wish-list and product pages.

Pandaly creates interactive games that provide users a better way to discover, rate, and share discounts with friends.

Re-Vinyl is a mobile application that connects musicians and related brands to their fans to increase fan engagement and revenue opportunities for the band and brands.

Take The Interview is a cloud-based video interviewing platform for employers and candidates.

Pictour offers a marketplace for photo tours that you can use whenever you travel to a new city or even to discover new things to do in the city in which you live.