Twitter seems to be doing well in numbers. They even raised new significant funding not long ago. And they intend to increase employee numbers. Heello And Subjot are serious about getting a percentage of the micro-blogging market. If they offer something very different from what Twitter is offering, they could scare Twitter sooner than we think. Time will tell how exactly they intend to do that.

Twitpic founder Noah Everett has launched Heello, a Twitter alternative or you could say a Twitter clone. Heello was launched a day after Twitter announced its own photo-sharing service. “We launched Heello the company one year ago today and today we’re launching Heello the service,” he pinged to his Heello listeners upon the announcement of the launch. Pings are the Heello equivalent of tweets and a listener is the same as a Twitter follower.

On Heello, you create a username, which is @’username’ and you can connect with Twitter and Facebook. You share what you are doing on the site with ‘Pings’ which is an 140 character update where you can attach a video, photo and/or your location.

Subjot on the other hand offers you the ability to talk about your favorite subjects. Let your friends choose what to follow. You can follow your friends in the subjects that interest you.

Subjot is a place for sharing, following and discussing your many interests. Every post has a subject. You only see posts from people you are following in the subjects you follow. You can follow all of your friends’ music posts or just one friend’s music posts. You have the power to fine tune your feed.

Whether people are talking about friends and family or sports and hobbies, you’ll only see the things you care about while having the freedom to share everything that interests you.

So there you have it. You have two new Twitter alternatives, try them and share your experiences with us.