Nandimobile, a young technology startup in Ghana founded in July 2010 has launched a mobile business directory in Ghana searchable via mobile. Nandimobile is determined to provide an avenue for businesses to reach and connect with customers in Ghana and beyond.

How it works
The Infoline Business Directory enables mobile users to search through the list of businesses in the directory via SMS using their mobile phones. The system returns results containing the business name, contact details, business address and the services delivered by that business in question. If the directory contains more than one entry with the name searched, up to five results are delivered for the users convenience with no extra cost.

To obtain information about a particular business in Ghana, users have to text FIND [Name of Company] to short code 1945.. Users may receive more than one result if the directory contains multiple entries with that name. The service which runs across all networks in Ghana.

New businesses can list their companies by freely filling out a form on the company’s website after which they will be listed in the directory.

Nandimobile is currently supported by the Meltwater Group incubator facility which provides the necessary support and funding.


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