1. Once the site is set up, these practices will help you with traffic generation, accessibility, and your ability to measure and improve everything.
  2. Nothing can be improved that is not tracked. Track your numbers with the tracking tools you are comfortable with. I use Google Analytics.
  3. Create a Google or Bing webmaster tools account for your site.
  4. Webmaster tools are designed to help website owners and managers ensure Google or Bing can index all of a website’s pages:
    – Drive traffic to the website
    – Build a Google-friendly site
    – Remove website pages from search results
  5. Run a Crawl Simulation of Your Site to check broken links, improper redirects, missing titles, pages lacking rel=canonical tags, files blocked by robots.txt, etc.
  6. Set up RSS feed analytics to track your subscribers
  7. Your RSS subscribers, unique visits, pageviews and key social stats (tweets, links, Facebook shares, etc) are crucial for measurement. Find tools to help you track your site to know how the site is doing overtime.
  8. Sign up with tools that can give you the heads up on some of the sites and pages that mention your brand or link to you in a timely manner.
  9. Capturing the email addresses of your potential customers/audience can be a huge win for the influence you’re able to create.
  10. One of the most common ways to build good lists is to offer whitepaper, e-book, video or other exclusive content piece for download/access to those who enter an email address.
  11. Make sure you have created all your social accounts and be active on all of them if you want to see results.
  12. Take the time to visit your various social profiles and make sure they link back to the site you’re launching.
  13. Create a targeted list of the sites, accounts and individuals you want to connect with and form a strategy to reach them.
  14. Build a list of keywords to target in search engines.
  15. Without goals and targets, there’s no way to know whether you’re meeting, beating or failing expectations.Create them and monitor your progress.

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