measures photo-sharers’ activities across Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instragram and Picplz to spit out an influence score.

How it works
Once you register with your Facebook or Twitter account, you are immediately given your score as a social photographer. scores range from 0 to 100 based on your activity in the past 21 days. Score is determined based on the activity of your photos (likes, favorites, comments), frequency of your photo sharing and quality of your shared photos. You can also check out how high you rank among all the users across the web from the leaderboard.

-Check out how you compare at photo sharing activity againsts your friends on social networks.
-Currently supported social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Picplz.
-Invite friends from your connected accounts to measure their score.
-Free, no registration. Simply allow the app to access your social network information.