VibeDeck is a free web service which allows you to sell your digital music online and keep 100% of your sales. VibeDeck aims to improve the transaction experience between artists and fans, enabling the music-makers to enjoy maximum profit margins and forge a deeper relationship with fans. VibeDeck intends to be the simple, easy-to-use, and low cost eCommerce resource for small-to-medium sized bands.

VibeDeck last week announced it had deployed SoundCloud integration, which lets artists sell tracks, with associated metadata and artwork. Fans simply click the ‘buy’ link within the SoundCloud player, and they are directed to PayPal, and then allowed to download the music.

VibeDeck provides artists with easily customizable landing pages that include basic artist info, images, and an embeddable player. The track player shows a list of tracks and uses 1 single, integrated player. Artists can then connect their VibeDeck account to PayPal in order to receive payments directly from fans when they make a sale.