Google has just released a new discovery tool- Google Related Toolbar that allows you to find and access content that’s similar to what you’re viewing in your web browser. In a blog post to announce the launch Ran Ben-Yair, Product Manager, Google Related Team said “Now with Google Related, a new Chrome Extension and Google Toolbar feature, you’ll automatically see interesting content relevant to what’s on the page you’re viewing, right where you’re viewing it.”

Whether you’re reading a news article, shopping for a new pair of shoes or visiting your favorite musician’s website, Google Related works in the background to find you the most interesting and relevant content on the topics you’re currently viewing.

When you’re surfing with Related, you’ll often see a thin bar along the bottom of your screen that offers videos, maps, reviews and other content that’s relevant to that page. When you see an item you like, you can spread the word by using the built-in +1 button.

Results will display in a thin bar at the bottom of your screen, and will remain minimized until you hover over them with your mouse. Once selected, they’ll open up immediately in your browser window, saving you the trouble of having to open multiple new windows or tabs.

The Google Related toolbar is now available for Chrome and IE users and can be downloaded with the regular Google Toolbar. Firefox and Opera versions are not available yet.