AppAddictive believes that The Facebook Page is going to replace most of the web site’s functions. With 600 million people now spending more time in Facebook than any other web site, a business needs to have a Facebook page to acquire customers inside Facebook.

AppAddictive is a marketing platform that allows brands to manage their content, advertisements and analytics. If you have a Facebook business page, you can use it to engage with users through mini-apps like quizzes, contests, image galleries, video galleries and F-Commerce storefronts.

AppAddictive wants to help you have a page almost as good as big brands like Coca-Cola or DKNY. The platform offers you the following things for your Facebook page which are easy to set up:

1. Customized Landing (Home) Page
2. Video Galleries pulled from YouTube
3. Offer your products for sale directly from your Facebook Page
4. Sign up users to your email list and many more!

AppAddictive launched out of DreamIt Ventures’ first New York City class and is raising $1 million dollars for its free platform