Kanye West the American rapper, singer, and record producer has had several controversies throughout his career. His album “going against conventional wisdom”,  has become a mainstream success. Even the US President called Kanye a jackass! But there are a few things you can learn from West.

  1. Stay Passionate: The art of music is Kanye’s passion and even after all these years its obvious to see that he is still very much passionate about It.
  2. Ignore conventional wisdom. By giving away music.  By utilizing Twitter.
  3. He emerged on Twitter with tweets so fascinating, you couldn’t help but pay attention.
  4. Play the mainstream media game, live by the mainstream media game.
  5. News care about ratings. People believe he’s good and they give West attention.
  6. If you’re not willing to give away something for free, you’re not willing to have a career.
  7. You’ve got to know where in the food chain to charge, and it’s not at every contact point.
  8. Maintain contact.  You’re doing your own act.
  9. Fans come and go, but you can’t let it impact your art.
  10. You’ve got to do what you want to do, not what you think the audience wants.
  11. Have a personality.  If no one hates you, you’re not doing it right.
  12. Don’t focus on the album release.  Your marketing’s got to go on for years.
  13. Your label doesn’t own your fans, nor does the radio station, only you do.
  14. Through smart marketing you can achieve a lot, Kanye’s twitter marketing has been phenomenal
  15. Don’t pay attention to the media, they are businesses.
  16. Remember media outlets are businesses so they will do what they need to do to increase viewership or readership.