oBaz, short for “online bazaar,” is one of the first web-based communities to use crowdsourcing and game mechanics to build group buying power around products and services to help members save money on things they really want.

oBaz uses group buying power to negotiate discounts for products and services that you choose. Begin by using the search bar to type in a specific product (LED cat collar, bright blue medicine ball, Richard Simmons-inspired sweatband) and either join an existing group or create your own.

From there, invite people you know with similar interests to join the group using the social tools provided. Our hagglers will email you once they’ve pulled a few strings and scored you a deal.

Instead of businesses offering up pre-set deep discounts to groups of online denizens, people self-organize on oBaz around the products and service they want, and the startup then tracks down the merchant to negotiate a better price.

How it works
Each group has seven days to recruit more folks via Facebook, Twitter or email and reach critical mass. oBaz will then negotiate on their behalf and attempt to secure a discount. Once the deal is shared with the group, members have 24 hours to buy it — though oBaz charges a small fee for the convenience.