Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, BoomStartup is a mentorship-driven seed accelerator focusing its efforts on providing seed capital, mentors, and markets for its energetic tech entrepreneur participants. BoomStartup is a three-month, summer program (May-August) that mentors tech startups from ideation through execution.

In May, BoomStartup selected ten promising start-up companies to participate in the three-month, full-time program. Each company received up to $15,000 in seed capital, an additional $15,000 in in-kind services, free office space and resources, and an education in the various steps of launching a technology company. Notable investor-mentors gave of their financial resources and time as mentors to the entrepreneurs.

The graduating class of 2011 were unveiled to investors when BoomStartup hosted its 2011 Demo Day on August 19, 2011, at the Prospector Theatre in Park City, Utah.

BoomStartup’s 2011 participants include:

CircleFive is a new social media platform that will allow direct to home sales and service companies to “check in” at the customers home and encourage testimonials from the customer as well as referrals.

ChampionVillage is an online gaming community for kids that combines fitness with “mom-friendly” security features.

Clipmunk is a mobile application that allows consumers to load coupons that they intend to use into their phones and then redeem them from the mobile device at the merchant point of sale. is a social utility that allows people to search, add, and share outdoor locations for various activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and climbing.

FaceTags uses facial recognition to turn facial images and videos into qualified business leads.

ForeUp is a new marketplace that helps golf courses unload their amenities as well as helping users find discounted tee times and other perks.

FindProz is eBay for private instruction. Our online marketplace enables anyone to turn their talents into income.

Jumbas provides consumers a one-stop-shop for their city’s top daily deals.

OER Glue delivers authentic learning experiences via mashups created by integrating popular web services, page snippets, images, videos, flash, and applets from any web site, drag and drop editing, Google Docs and custom search over collections of learning resources.

OnlineTherapy introduces patients to therapists via an online marketplace and allows therapists to manage their practice through a simple patient management service.


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