NewMe is a startup accelerator for minority led technology start-ups that houses a handful of visiting start-ups in Silicon Valley. NewMe does not invest in its startups, but rather offers support in the form of community.

This year the program has supported 8 in-house visiting start-ups (five of which were selected, three of which were chosen by the community). It included weekly dinners and mentorship from industry experts, and concluded with Demo Day.

The package includes:

  • 8 in-house visiting minority founded start-ups (5 selected + 3 community voted),
  • Top local minority founded start-ups invited to events and dinners,
  • Private weekly dinners with industry elite,
  • Mentorship from Internet elite,
  • Co-working environment for start-ups,
  • Concludes w/ Demo Day.

The following startups have benefited from the NewMe program:

Pencil You In : Schedule and book hair appointments online. : Described by the founder as a Greplin meets Dropbox, imports your “online universe” and lets you search through cloud services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and Dropbox — creating folders of what you were looking for and any other contextual information.

Playd: Playd, allows you to check in to your favorite games like you’d do for venues on Foursquare, whether they’re PC-based, mobile or on console.

FetchMob:  FetchMob lets people crowdsource their shopping trips by asking their surrounding community for help.

BeCouply: Mobile app and social network BeCouply aims to solve the problem of how and where to socialize as a couple, by connecting couples and letting them share dates, activities and photo moments with the similarly partnered.

Cued: Launching in the fall, Cued hopes to give its users relevant location-based activity recommendations, through using data from your already existing social shares.

goKit: goKit is basically an for people with multiple personas, attempting to give people an easily set up outlet to express the multiple parts of their online identity.

Vouch :Vouch is like a Hashable for recommendations, an app that allows people to take their offline person recommendations online with Twitter-based #vouches.

AisleFinder : AisleFinder solves the problem of never knowing what aisle the items on your shopping list are in, using Mechanical Turk to acquire data about in-store item’s location. :  Centrally wants to be the one stop web promotion shop for small to medium-sized businesses who want to create websites with the least amount of hassle.