Tout enables you to quickly and easily update your Facebook friends and Twitter followers with real- time short video Video Status Updates, captured from smart phones. Find and follow friends, family and people who interest you at and get real-time notifications as they “Tout” new moments from their lives. Tout seeks to create a social communications network of short video files.

Originally, the service launched with an iPhone app, as well as the ability to share short video clips from YouTube. The latest update, which just launched in the last few days, enables Tout users to record or upload videos straight from the web browser.

Tout has added new capabilities that will allow users to share moments with friends even if they don’t have its iPhone app. It has also improved communications between users, with the ability to “re-tout” and reply to videos others have uploaded.


  1. Yes, been using it but cant figure out to post to a facebook fan page, only my personal page

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