Miramax has launched movie rental app on Facebook that lets users choose from a limited selection of films. Each rental costs 30 Facebook credits. Miramax eXperience on Facebook is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom and Turkey and features movies like Trainspotting, Kill Bill and No Country For Old Men.

In a statement to launch the app, the company said “We are big believers in Facebook and what it could mean for the future of the content business. Today there are over 50 million friends on Facebook that mention a Miramax film in their profile, interact with our Miramax page (www.facebook.com/miramax), or like the fan pages of beloved Miramax titles and talent — from Good Will Hunting to Pulp Fiction and Ben Affleck to Quentin Tarantino.”

The Miramax eXperience integrates into user profiles and news feeds and will hopefully become a part of the fabric of many discussions. The App allows users to view Miramax films on multiple devices, including their PC, iPad or TV.

Miramax launched the App with rental VOD — but their ultimate goal is to give consumers the opportunity to buy films and store them in their own cloud-based digital locker — to then access the content anywhere they want, across ALL devices: PC, smartphone, tablet or TV, whether at home, on the go, on vacation, etc. iPad users can access it at apps.miramax.com/ipad.html.