Google has announced the launch of a new community feature around its Panoramio photo sharing site. Panoramio allows users to link geolocated photos to Google Earth and Google Maps. The site has not been known for its social or group features. Google now is looking to help users share their experiences with others, and create their own, sub-community within Panoramio about topics.

In a blog post to announce the launch of Panoramio Groups, Google said “Starting today, you can share your passions through photographs more collaboratively with Panoramio Groups. This new feature lets you create a sub-community within Panoramio around a topic you’re passionate about, so you can easily engage with like-minded photographers and hobbyists.”

To share your own interests and passions through photos, visit Panoramio and create your own group or join an existing one from the Groups Directory. You can show off your photos of your favorite restaurant, the most beautiful sunset you’ve seen, the latest lighthouse you’ve visited, or the cutest dog from each continent. Whatever it is, try starting a discussion about your favorite topics and share what matters to you with others.