Onavo compresses your mobile data and help you avoid unnecessary charges. The app does the data compression automatically, and will also show you a report of how much data you’ve used this month. Onavo does well on those apps which are of use to travellers – email, Maps, Facebook, Twitter and web browsing, allowing you to double or even triple your data plan.

Onavo puts smartphone and tablet users in control of their mobile data usage. Using compression, simple reports and basic tools, Onavo helps smartphone users get the most out of their data plan, without complication or effort. As the only consumer-focused data management app, Onavo takes the worry out of using smartphones at home or abroad.

Onavo’s app saves you money on mobile data, and is a must-have for anyone looking to slash data charges or wondering ‘which app is eating up my data plan’. Your iPhone connects to our cloud-based technology, dubbed the “magical shrinking machine”, totally seamless and transparent – once you install it you can go back to using your phone as before.

How Onavo works
With Onavo installed, web, email and app data sent to you is streamed through Onavo’s magical shrinking machine before reaching your iPhone. For the geeks out there, what happens is that Onavo acts as a proxy server for your iPhone, which compresses inbound data to Safari, Mail, Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter and other apps.

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