Readmill, a Germany-based startup has created a platform that allows developers to add social features into their ebook readers and other book apps, offering the ability for users to share reading data, their favourite sections of books and book recommendations.

Readmill iPad app allows you to read a selection of public domain titles. As you read books, your Readmill profile keeps track of your progress through them, including the time you’ve spent reading each, and allows you and other users to discuss books via a comment thread.

• Share what you read and track your progress
• Highlight favorite passages and let others comment
• Finish and recommend books to your friends

Readmill’s latest feature – social highlights allows you to highlight any passage in a book, add an optional comment, and then share it to Twitter and Facebook.This highlight is then available on the Web via a permanent link, allowing it to be passed around and discussed. You can also browse other users’ highlights from the book you’re reading.