DraftCraft wants to change the way bloggers compose and post their work to most any platform without complex coding issues. Developed by the Ministry of Application, a mobile app developer based in Russia, the DraftCraft blogger app works with WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Chinese sina.com.cn or blog.163.com. A new iPad blogger app will be released later this month.


  • Streamlined: Writers can post to all blogs from one place, with the application containing details of accounts across WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal.
  • Productivity-Enhanced with the Star System: This feature allows the blogger to manage progress on a variety of posts, meaning he or she can compose the best ideas quickly without worrying about writing style (one-star pieces) before gradually making improvements until reaching publishable results (five-star pieces).
  • Advanced: Once the blogger has created content, exercising complete creative control is easily achieved through advanced text editing and text formatting (bold, italics, copy-paste, etc.) and image insertion.
  • HTML-Free: If a blogger is worrying about code, then he or she is not worrying about writing – so DraftCraft removes the need to think about HTML. DraftCraft will automatically convert text into the format that is required for publication.