Touchanote has won the Evernote’s developer competition. The NFC tags for Evernote wwon $55,000 as the grand prize. Touchanote is an Android app that lets you associate real life objects with your Evernote notes. Assign your Evernote notes to NFC tags – the contactless technology that has made the mobile wallet possible. Open the note by touching the tag with an NFC-enabled mobile phone. Remind yourself of your to-do list at your desk, and of your shopping list in your closet.

Touchanote brings the note storage and organization capabilities of Evernote together with the convenience of NFC one-touch technology. Store shortcuts to your notes on NFC tags to be able to access your content when and where you need it with the touch of your mobile phone.

“Evernote currently has over 6,000 developers working on software and hardware integrations using out API,” says Andrew Sinkov, Evernote’s vice president of marketing. “We wanted to see what would happen if we did a developer competition as an incentive. We’re pretty blown away by the results. We had over 1,000 developers enter the competition from around the world.”