Google has acquired Zave Networks(a company that digitizes coupons and loyalty rewards). In an announcement on its website, the company said:

“We are delighted to share that Zave Networks has been acquired by Google! Since 2006, our small but dedicated team has been passionate about creating a better platform for incentive programs — like coupons and loyalty rewards — by making them 100% digital, easier, more measurable, efficient and environmentally-friendly.

When we had the opportunity to join Google, we felt it was the perfect fit for our company and the perfect opportunity to rapidly drive the deployment and use of our platform to the next level.

We’re humbled by the unending support our investors, retailers, advertisers, and consumers have provided over the past 5 years, and would like to thank each and every one of them. Going forward, we are excited about being part of Google’s efforts in this space.