Google is ready to buy Hulu and the search giant is offering billions more than other bidders, including Amazon, Yahoo, and Dish Network, Peter Kafka reports. Google has proposed a different acquisition, on a larger scale, say people familiar with the sales process.

Financial Times reported this weekend that Yahoo, Amazon and Dish are all expected to offer between $1.5 billion and $2 billion for Hulu, in exchange for the free video site, its subscription service and the rights to exclusive content for at least two years.

Google seems to want something much more than that, and is willing to pay much more to get it, reports Allthingsd.  Peter Kafka of Allthingsd writes:

Since that’s not what’s Hulu’s owners have put on the table, “normally we would have thrown people out if they’d said that,” says an executive familiar with the sales process. But Google “indicated that there’s enough money” involved so that Hulu’s owners are at least thinking about continuing the discussion.