FlickMob, coming soon is similar to the popular service Turntable.fm, which allows friends to gather to listen to music in an online “room.” The idea for FlickMob sprung from a DJ session that Sir Mix-A-Lot hosted on Turntable.fm as part of the launch of the Mix-N-Match game. Chill is also in the same space.

FlickMob is the fun new social video site where friends come together in real-time to discover, share, and rate the best videos on the Internet. Mobbers pick a room or create their own, make a playlist, and challenge each other in a bid to win points and prizes for rolling the best clips the Internet has to offer.

“We found that a majority of the users that engaged with the Turntable experience actually had a phenomenal experience,” said Giant Thinkwell’s Kav Latiolais. ”People were taking photos of their screen, taking screenshots. There are people to this day who still mention the time that they were in the Turntable room when Sir Mix-A-Lot played Devo for everybody. So, we decided that this live experience and live direct engagement with celebrities and friends was the way to go.”

FlickMob is currently in closed beta.