Crashpadder focuses on matching guests with hosts who have individual rooms, rather than whole properties, to rent for short stays. Anyone with spare space in their home can let it out to guests on a short-term basis. allows hosts and guests to arrange the transaction in a way that’s mutually beneficial:

Crashpadder for guests:

Budget Friendly – on average 83% cheaper than the equivalent hotel (according to the pricing index).

People Friendly – Each Pad comes with a free, friendly, local expert.

Environmentally Friendly – the carbon footprint of the average stay is 80% smaller than a hotel stay (according to The Carbon Coach).

Crashpadder for hosts:

Supplement your income – by monetising the spare space in your home.

Meet new people – live sociably without having to commit to long term tenants.

No strings attached – UK hosts can earn up to £4,250 tax free each year.