Instagram is a photo sharing application for the iPhone. It allows you to quickly take pictures, apply a filter, and share it on the service or with a number of other services.Users can share photos through the Instagram app or using a variety of other social networking products such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Posterous.

As of September 2011, Instagram has acquired almost ten million users. These are some of the reasons why users love the photo sharing app as shared on quora.

  1. Snapping a photo with Instagram and applying a filter suddenly makes that photo seem inspired
  2. It has the best integration with social services
  3. Because the pictures I create with Instagram are so interesting, I *want* to share them with friends
  4. It is an amazingly well designed mobile app with a great user experience for sharing photos and browsing the photos of friends.
  5. My view of Instgram’s appeal is its simplicity and social reach.
  6. The app naturally promotes collaboration and discussion about photography & art.
  7. Immediate feedback from community- people liking and commenting on your pictures is satisfying as we are social creatures
  8. No need for words. Best part.
  9. Enhance photo data with geo tags which in turn spawn more functionality and location-based check-ins.
  10. These photos can be given immediate context with the possibility to tag people and places almost automatically.
  11. When you hit the button to share with friends, there’s a satisfying feeling of anticipation that others will be impressed by your little creation.


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