Every serious bloggers wants to growth above the level he’s today. Such growth may include earning more money, building a responsive list, becoming an influence in your niche, becoming popular and building your credibility as well as dominating the search engines especially the big “G” (Google).

So, how do you realise this great plan. It’s like an heir to the throne that was driven away from his father’s kingdom. Until he finds his way back, he cannot be crowned a king in sojourn. He’s a stranger and a king is made in his land. In order to move from where you’re today as a blogger, to where you want to be, so many things are involved. But I would break it down into 6 strategies, so that you can start right away.

1. What Does Growth Mean To You

Before you can grow, you must know what “growth” means to you. My perspective about expansion may be different or similar to yours, but that’s the first approach to attaining success in business and life. So, get yourself a sofa and think.

What would extra income mean to me, do I really desire to build an email list and when I finally capture those precious leads, how do I spoon feed them, build rapport and convert ordinary subscribers to recurring customers. These are all the questions you need to answer, if growth means something great to you.

2. Look Within Your Potential

Success begins from the inside, and extends to the outside. Until a man conquers the innate opportunities surrounding him/her, much exploits wouldn’t be actualized. So, begin to look within your potentials, what’s that thing that made you start your blog in the first place.

I wasn’t there when you started, you were motivated by something. Do you know that whatever motivates and causes you to take action is a passion? Well, you know now. So, flash your mind back, and think about that singular persuasive “atom” that led to your current blog.

No matter how small it seems, it’s the second factor that leads to growth. You’ve come this far, you can go higher by reckoning with your beginning.

3. Do You Have A Business Coach Yet?

This is very crucial to your success. Several of my achievements with my blog, in the past 1 year have been attributed to knowledge and skills I derived from my coach. You don’t need a mentor, because getting to the top requires step by step approach.

A coach is passionate about his business, they are willing and able to tutor you one-on-one without complaining. Why? It’s because they enjoy what they are doing. Actually, before I learnt how to rank several of my websites including the recent review blog that features, 6pm coupon codes and sittercity.com discounts, I had to gain much insight from a coach.

How do you find a coach? Well, not really an easy thing but they are all around you. Begin by being generous, link back to their posts, refer people to their blogs, comment and share. Be known before you propose for coaching.

4. Focus On The People, Not Search Engines

A big obvious mistake made by several bloggers, is that they focus on search engines, and neglect the end user (you and me). Search engine is not going to buy your product, comment on your blog posts, link back to your quality posts or even subscribe to your RSS feed, but people will.

So, stay away from unscrupulous search engine optimization, that encourages you to add keywords here and there. You’re going to fail if you continue inserting keywords incessantly. If you must add keywords, make sure it fits, aligns and appears in a natural way.

Don’t get people pissed with your content and leave. As soon as they leave, search engines would leave also, because Google spiders follows web searchers and not the contrary.

5. Invest Your Precious Time Wisely

Time is so precious to mother nature. As a serious blogger who wants to succeed beyond common thoughts, you should see time as a rare commodity, and must be utilized properly.

The moment you misuse your time, automatically, the amount of success you would have attained is short-circuited. Several activities that exhausts your time online must be destroyed. Why must you waste time posting on forums if the number of visitors you get at the end of the day, is little.

Why not spend that time writing guest post. Don’t you realize that a single guest post on A-list blog can change your finance, subscribers and web presence? Yes, I know because I’ve written over 100 guest posts and the reward is priceless. Time is money, time is leads, time is credibility, invest your time wisely and enjoy being online.

6. Build A Customer Base

The final strategy that bulletproofs your business from failure, shame and stagnancy is “customer base.” When I started blogging, I made huge mistakes and one of such is myneglect to build email list. Every now and then, you read somewhere that the money is in the list – some internet marketers have paraphrased it to “the money is in the relationship with your list.”

These statements are 120% correct. But guess what, even when your relationship with your subscribers is still new, not that strong, you can still make money from them. Maybe not directly but creatively. How? Simple, get your subscribers to communicate with you on their greatest challenge online.

Their answers is a sure product idea. Go ahead and create a product that marches their need, and you’ll sell like crazy. Looking for smart ways to make more money online, I’ve just shared my underground secret with you on a platter, just because you took time to read my article.

So, take action today, long term success starts with one single right action. By following the above steps, you’re on your way to unfathomable growth in your business.

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