The entrepreneur’s path is full of challenges daily. It’s hard to ignore the thought of failing to make a good impression in your first meetings. There is lots of ambiguity that comes with owning your own business. Most entrepreneurs dread these first encounters. Most of these are almost inevitable if you choose to start something that makes a difference.

  1. The first face to face meeting with a potential client
  2. Your very first published article as a freelance writer
  3. The first product launch
  4. The implementation of your first product strategy
  5. The first time speaking at a conference about your product
  6. Your very first investor pitch
  7. Launching your first company.
  8. Your very first board meeting
  9. Your first blog post
  10. The decision to hire a new employee
  11. Your very first sales pitch
  12. The first meeting with a potential partner
  13. Your first meeting with potential investor

It’s a huge confidence boost to look back at the things that scared you last month, last year, or even five years ago. And realize you conquered them. This kind of success leads you to trust your instincts. And it also  builds confidence.