In a nutshell, a blog is a great way to connect with your customers, announce new products, and provide a human face to your company’s image. You don’t want to miss that.The value of blogging cannot be overemphasized. Blogging is now a critical part of growing a businesses. These are some of the best reasons why your business should maintain a blog.

  1. Blogging gives you a visible presence. This not only aids in bringing in future clients, but allows them to feel comfortable with you much faster.
  2. It is important for people to see the more personal side of your company. Create something that people can connect to.
  3. Blogging is  more than just marketing copy on a page. It’s information, personality, and it offers the ability for open communication.
  4. People are more willing to reach out to companies that reach out to them through their blog.
  5. Blogging is crucial to success, it is effective, and if done properly, it will bring business.
  6. It gives the customer a venue to speak with you, about you. You can learn a great deal and act on information much faster.
  7. The key here is to have something to say. Just don’t blog to blog. Have a message. Also make sure to interact with people who read your blog.
  8. It provides a lead generation vehicle if done correctly.
  9. It is a great search engine optimization tool.
  10. It increase your visibility online whilst you  share  your expertise, which lends credibility to your company as a whole.
  11. Blogging can be an inexpensive and indirect form of PR for any size company.


  1. Blogging is a low-cost alternative to having a web presence. For small business owners without the time to learn web html or the money to hire a designer/developer, blogging offers an inexpensive method to get your company's name out on the Internet.

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