For anyone interested in starting, growing, or investing in a new business, it is important that your startup focuses on what will drive the business to achieve its goals and objectives within a specific time. The best way to improve your odds of success is to move slowly and carefully in starting a business.

  1. Focus on getting several good clients who pay on time and are easy to work with.
  2. The greater clarity you have regarding –values, vision, mission, purpose and goals–the greater the probability that your startup will accomplish something meaningful.
  3. Ask your satisfied clients for referrals, offer free consultations to new referrals.
  4. “Even if you are starting your business on a kitchen table, you must have a vision of becoming a world leader in your field, or you will probably never be successful.” Peter Drucker
  5. Listen to the needs of your clients and customers.
  6. Cashflow. Right now every responsible business owner should be conscious of maintaining a healthy cashflow.
  7. Develop a Mission and Purpose that is valid, well thought out and constantly reflected upon.
  8. The most important thing for business today is to build relationships with their potential and current clients.
  9. Organizations that are able to adapt quickly to changes in the market, customer, channel, economy, competition, etc will have a winning edge.
  10. Do some pro bono work for a charitable organization with industry links.
  11. A business owner must be focused on the quality level of services he is providing, matching with the customer needs.
  12. Define and understand your customer. Fulfill his wants, needs, desires and calm his fears to sell your product for a profit. Then build loyalty.

Image courtesy Christy Bindas