In a nutshell Convey your information simply, without gimmicks, and with practical takeaways. To stay in control of your presentation, grab your viewers’ attention and clearly communicate your information in the concise way possible.These are some of the best practices in PowerPoint presentation that have worked for lots of people, I hope you find them useful. You can also share with us what has worked for you.

  1. Simple PowerPoint design rules- One point per slide-Few matching colours- Very few fonts-Photos, not clipart
  2. Powerpoints are meant to combine the strength of speech and image to get information across to the audience. Anything less than that will lead to catastrophe.
  3. Maintain a good contrast with the text type, size, and background color.
  4. Take the time to outline your presentation before you create your slides. Doing so can save time and help you give a more clear and effective presentation.
  5. Dynamic content, such as a brief video that illustrates an important point, is a great way to engage your audience.
  6. Present your topic to the audience, don’t read it to them.
  7. It is great to incorporate video clips and some minimal animation, but these supporting aids, should do just that: SUPPORT. They should not distract from your subject.
  8. The slides in the presentation should be able to bullet point the story, but the presenter needs to fill in a lot more detail.
  9. A presentation must have a clear, logical structure, guiding the audience into the topic and leading to final conclusions or summary.
  10. Convey one idea or message per slide
  11. Asking questions or telling stories are good ways to engage the audience.
  12. Resist the temptation to write the whole story on the slide, use keywords and tell the story from mind.
  13. Don’t let sentences appear letter by letter, it annoys people and has impact on the speed of the system.
  14. Use a wireless presenting device instead of the desktop mouse, leaning over hte desk each time a new slide needs to be showed looks unprofessional.
  15. Remember…Less is More.
  16. Know your material and let the presentation emphasize what you have said in a short, concise manner.