Getting more things accomplished during your day or week requires some level of discipline. In a nutshell, set a deadline and live by your deadlines. There are so many distractions to avoid to meet your deadlines and staying focused takes some level of sacrifice.These tips can help you increase productivity.

  1. Avoid interruptions – preserve your ability to focus.
  2. Prioritize – Focus on the big picture.
  3. Schedule time on your calendar to do the things on your list, and stick to it.
  4. Monitor existing improvement strategies.
  5. Nothing really beats good old planning and sticking to a schedule.
  6. Discipline is the key. Be your own watcher when it comes to keeping track of time spent for each task.
  7. Follow-through on your ToDo lists.
  8. Identify how you can enrich yourself more. How you can use your time in the best way for your happiness
  9. Don’t put something off if you can finish it now and get it off of your plate.
  10. Recognizing the difference between importance and urgency is crucial.
  11. Don’t be afraid to have someone take a message, or to answer that e-mail tomorrow.
  12. Plan meetings for the beginning or close of the day, not in the midst of work periods.
  13. Knowing why you are doing something and how it ties back to your long-range goals. is crucial
  14. You can also develop a general NOT-TO DO list.
  15. Monitor what you do on a daily basis for about 1 week.
  16. Good time management does not mean living fast. Think, plan and then act. Be selective in planning your activities.