Surveys are good methods for gathering opinions about a project you intend to undertake or even a product you want to launch. Surveys have proven to be an effective way for businesses and companies to collect consumer opinions and feedback.

If you are getting little responses or no responses at all or if you intend to run a survey soon, the following will be helpful.

  1. Find where the really interested people are for that niche. It is easier to get people who are already into what you want to research about
  2. Send out a notice to give people a heads up the survey is coming.
  3. You could pay consumers for participating in the survey
  4. give away some content (knowledge) about the very topic / need / context you’re addressing
  5. Get someone (or several people) to send the survey invite who individually or through their corporate affiliation has the credibility to warrant a higher response rate.
  6. Find the blogs of ideal survey respondents and send them a message through their blog.
  7. Follow up your email invitation 24 hours later with a phone call.
  8. Reach out to the organizers of the trade group(s) and ask for their help in getting survey respondents.
  9. Post your survey onĀ  blogs and post summary data that others will find useful.
  10. Promise to share results of the survey with survey respondents. Keep to that promise!
  11. Ask respondents to refer one or two other people who they know that would be good participants in the survey.
  12. If you are not offering incentives, keep it short and ask only what you need to know.
  13. Be clear about how much time it will take “this will take five minutes or less . . .”
  14. Consider taking the surveys with you to networking meetings –