The most significant obstacle to transforming ideas into high-growth businesses that create jobs and wealth is the capital needed to support early stage entrepreneurs in Ghana. Access to capital is often cited as the number one challenge within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ghana. Most startups in Ghana have neither track record nor the collateral to qualify for the traditional debt financing. A lot of startups therefore resort to bootstrapping which are often unsustainable. Most startups do not survive their first year of operations. GAIN seeks to attract angel investors, particularly individuals to take advantage of a formalized platform for investing in early-stage businesses.

The Ghana Angel Investor Network (GAIN) is a network of Angel investors with a passion for investing in early-stage businesses with significant growth prospects and the potential to generate superior returns. GAIN was launched in September 2011 by the Ghana Venture Capital Trust Fund.

GAIN membership will be open to high net worth and accomplished entrepreneurs and corporate executives who share a common passion for nurturing early stage ventures to become profitable companies that create jobs and worth. GAIN members will invest their individual resources (money and time) in order to assist with the development of new businesses. Although membership is typically open to individuals, corporate bodies may subscribe or receive invitations for membership.

Investment proposals are open to all entrepreneurs seeking funding for new businesses at the seed, start-up or early stages of the life cycle. Applications shall be reviewed by the Secretariat and presented to Angels on the basis of the following qualities:

-High barriers to entry;
-A complementary management team;
-Scalability of the business; and
-A differentiated value proposition.

Applications shall only be presented to Angels after meeting the above requirements of a quality deal.

GAIN is now accepting applications from business angels, funding applications will be opened in a few months.


  1. i think the brain behind the launch of GAIN is a loudable idea and should be embraced by all well meaning ghanaians.

  2. You can partner with somebody who has the money and is interested in honey production.

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