Apple’s newest iPhone is about to be revealed at an ongoing Apple conference at Apple’s Cupertino campus. A lot of technology enthusiasts expected the launch of an iPhone 5 but instead, all signs point to an iPhone 4S, which would be just like the iPhone 4, but with faster guts and expanded storage.

The first images of the iPhone 4S as leaked directly from Apple’s website above.

Latest update from the conference: Tim Cook announcements:

  1. Apple’s new store in Shanghai  had 100,000 visitors on Day 1
  2. Lion, Apple’s new OS  been downloaded 6 million times in two weeks reaching 10% of the users.
  3. 1 in 4 computers sold in the US is now a Mac.
  4. iMac and Macbook Pro are the number one selling computers in the US. Mac platform has grown by 23%, the rest of the PC market only up by 4%.
  5. Apple has sold 300 million iPods globally, with 45 million sold in the last year ending in June. 16 billion downloads through iTunes.
  6. iPhone’s now account for 5% of all mobile phone sales
  7. 250 million iOS devices out there now
  8. 500,000 iPhone apps, and 140,000 iPad apps … 18 billion app downloads. $3 billion to developers.
  9. Apple has launched a new app- Cards… Create and mail beautiful cards from your iPhone.-Costs $2.99 per card sent in the US. $4.99 per card sent elsewhere in the world.
  10. Apple has released another new app “Find My Friends” You can see where your friends and family are at.

Information still unfolding. Will keep you posted.