Hearsay is a new social graph for news., a social news-sharing application in which everything you read is shared with all your followers. John Duncan, Hearsay’s co-founder and CEO describes the social news reader concept as providing others with a more accurate description of your news reading habits than provided by a Twitter stream, for example.

“We think we can create a more interesting news ecosystem if we can convince users to share everything they read in exchange for being able to see what everyone else is reading,” John Duncan, a veteran of the news media business, asserts.

“What we’re saying is: Don’t worry about approving of what you read when you share it. Just read it and let everyone see what you read, and leave it at that,” explains Duncan. “Let the hard work be done by the consumer rather than the producer.”

Hearsay pulls in all the content you love. Along with news from your favorite sources, read all the news your friends are reading on Hearsay.